Germination Heat Mat 48″ x 20.75″

Apollo Horticulture 47.25″x20.75″ Seedling Heating Mat for Propagation and Cloning

  • Package Includes: 1 – Apollo Horticulture Seedling Heating Mat
  • Dimensions: 47.25″x20.75″ / Power Cord: 6'
  • Boost plant growth with the Apollo Horticulture Seedling Heat Mat: warms root area 10 to 20ºF above room temperature to improve root growth and increase germination rate.
  • Heavy duty: made of durable waterproof material to ensure a safe grow environment. Constructed using reliable materials held together by enhanced internal wiring. You can always rest assured that you are backed by quality hydroponics equipment from Apollo Horticulture.
  • Designed for indoor gardening: enhances seed germination process and increases success of seedlings and cuttings.



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The goal of Apollo Horticulture is simply to be the best value in grow lights. We continually work to produce the highest quality, fully featured, and most up to date hydroponic equipment at the lowest prices possible. We believe that yielding better quality, larger grows does not necessarily mean a higher price tag. The consistency our team delivers year after year, along with unbeatable service, makes up the complete package our customers deserve. It is our commitment to be your guiding light in the world of indoor growing, and to be the grow light company that you will want to do business with again and again.

Would you thrive in an unpleasant environment? Of course not – and your plants are no different. With Apollo Horticulture’s new line of Seedling Heat Mats, you can create the most suitable environment to nurture your plants for optimal growth. Our equipment will provide your budding seeds with the warm comfort they need to guarantee strong and sufficient grows.


CLIMATE CONTROL: regulates and controls humidity and heat to encourage consistent plant yield.

ABOVE AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: warms root area 10 to 20¡F above room temperature to improve root growth and increase germination rate for faster transplanting.

NO HASSLE: simple plug and play function without the added soil mess.

HEAVY DUTY: constructed using durable and reliable material held together by advanced internal wiring.


1. Are Apollo Horticulture Seedling Heat Mats waterproof?
Yes, they are waterproof. However, DO NOT SUBMERGE IN WATER OR OTHER LIQUIDS.

2. Does it come with a thermostat?
No, thermostat is NOT INCLUDED.



Disclaimer – Apollo Horticulture products are for professional use and are to be used in a green house environment with proper ventilation only. Use of our products in any other environment such as apartments, community housing, or small enclosed spaces is not recommended and may create a potential fire hazard. By purchasing our products, you agree to the recommended use and release all liability of Apollo Horticulture and respective agents for any misuse of the products.


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