Grow Room Over Glasses

Apollo Horticulture Indoor Hydroponics Grow Room Light Prescription Wear Over Glasses Cover Over Goggles for Anti UV, Reflection, Glare Optical Protection

  • Fit over your prescription glasses so you can get the protection you need under the grow lights and keep your glasses on
  • Reduces eyestrain while working under extremely bright grow lights
  • Blocks all UV rays and alleviates glare
  • Affordability, protection and clarity you can see
  • Suitable for using under HPS & MH lighting systems





How useful are your eyes in a grow room? To get the most from what your pupils have to offer, Apollo Horticulture is introducing its new line of premium Room Glasses to bring comfort, clarity, and safety to your eyes in a grow room environment.

Reduces eyestrain: Certain HPS lights can cause strain and health issues to your eyes. If you find yourself squinting in a grow room, our glasses are equipped with rendition lenses to balance grow room lighting that will reduce eye strain, mental strain, and overall fatigue.

Blocks UV rays: Consistent exposure to high levels of UV and infrared radiation can lead to irreversible eye damage. Apollo Horticulture’s grow room glass lenses will block out all harmful invisible wavelengths including UVA, UVB, UVC, and Infrared wavelengths so that your eyes can flourish in a grow room environment.

Affordable: We understand that your grows are your priority. Our glasses are competitively priced so that you can focus on your grow room equipment while still obtaining protection and clarity for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Do not resort to sunglasses or other cheap, unsafe options.

Versatile: Our glasses are suitable and functional under all types of grow room lighting, including but not limited to: HPS, MH, and LED lighting.

Give your eyes the modernized and reliable grow room protection that they deserve with Apollo Horticulture’s Grow Room Glasses. Our purpose is to make your growing experience a pleasant one.



Disclaimer – Apollo Horticulture products are for professional use and are to be used in a green house environment with proper ventilation only. Use of our products in any other environment such as apartments, community housing, or small enclosed spaces is not recommended and may create a potential fire hazard. By purchasing our products, you agree to the recommended use and release all liability of Apollo Horticulture and respective agents for any misuse of the products.


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