Speed Controller

Apollo Horticulture Variable Dial Router Inline Duct Fan Speed Controller

  • 1 – Apollo Horticulture Variable Vent Fan Speed Adjuster Controller
  • Controller Options: OFF , Low, Medium and High / Dimensions: 3.6″ x 2″ x 2″
  • Current Capacity – 15 amps
  • Voltage Capacity – 120 AC





The goal of Apollo Horticulture is simply to be the best value in grow lights. We continually work to produce the highest quality, fully featured, and most up to date hydroponic equipment at the lowest prices possible. We believe that yielding better quality, larger grows does not necessarily mean a higher price tag. The consistency our team delivers year after year, along with unbeatable service, makes up the complete package our customers deserve. It is our commitment to be your guiding light in the world of indoor growing, and to be the grow light company that you will want to do business with again and again.

Tired of your critical equipment hogging valuable space and having messy, tangled cords? Your solution is the Apollo Horticulture Fan Speed Controller for duct and inline fans. This unit is ultra-compact and plugs directly into an outlet. You can easily adjust your fan’s speed with a simple turn of a knob. Apollo Horticulture’s Fan Speed Controller is an affordable and effective tool to improve the efficiency of your growing environment.

– Knob Control with 4 options: Off, Low, Medium, and High
– Ultra-compact and plugs directly into an outlet – no messy wires!
– Plug-and-play for easy installation
– 1 Mounting Tab for wall mounting

Package Includes:
– 1 Fan Speed Controller
– 1 Instructions Pamphlet

1. What kind of fan can I use with the Apollo Horticulture Fan Speed Controller?
This controller is compatible with brushed motored duct and inline fans.
2. What is the lowest CFM the controller can dial my fan to?
It can be set to as low as 50% of its original CFM.
3. Can I use an extension cord?
You always have the option to plug directly to the wall OR use with an extension cord.
4. Can I connect a timer to this controller?
Yes, you can.


Disclaimer – Apollo Horticulture products are for professional use and are to be used in a green house environment with proper ventilation only. Use of our products in any other environment such as apartments, community housing, or small enclosed spaces is not recommended and may create a potential fire hazard. By purchasing our products, you agree to the recommended use and release all liability of Apollo Horticulture and respective agents for any misuse of the products.


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